Wayne A. Myhre - Owner
Wayne A. Myhre - Owner

Want a funeral home you can trust?
One that is not concerned about selling or making commissions? That doesn’t solicit your business? You’ve Come to the Right PlaceWayneMyhre

Martin-Myhre Funeral Home and Cremation Service is a funeral home that has a tradition of service that is uniquely caring. Our entire focus is about the life that you wish to remember.

What You Get
You’ll get a warm welcome with a genuine smile and easy-to-understand explanations guiding you through the funeral process. You’ll meet with only professional funeral directors – no sales people, because we can give you personal assistance and support so that you feel reassured knowing that there’s someone you can count on to be there when you need them most.

About Our Philosophy
We’ve been told we have a home that feels comfortable, where families feel at ease during a very difficult time. We’ve also been told we listened and took note of the specific details, those little things that make your loved one’s life uniquely their own.

What you need to know is this:
At Martin-Myhre Funeral and Cremation Service we care about our families. We truly care.